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Updated: Nov 26, 2020

“What is the number one thing I can do to improve my health?” As a health and wellness coach with over 10 years of experience, this is probably the question I am most commonly asked by men and women alike. And the answer might surprise you. It has nothing to do with food or even water. In fact, it has everything to do with you.

What is your inner truth?

"The truth is, my body loves me unconditionally, and she always has"

As an adult, I watched my health and energy slowly start to decline shortly after I had my thyroid ablated. I watched my friends and family members with envy as they easily romped through life. Meanwhile, day after day, year after year, I felt weaker and weaker; slower and groggier. Rather than acknowledging and responding to the messages my sweet body was communicating to me, I pushed on through sheer force of will, albeit relying heavily on caffeinated beverages, health supplements, and other quick fixes. When my legs got tired or my eyelids got heavy, I would roll my eyes at my poor, tired, exhausted body. Rather than compassionately acknowledging her and thanking her for the herculean tasks she was accomplishing for me day after day, I would impatiently roll my eyes and think, “Oh my gosh, here we go again. I’m tired. Again". This discompassionate, unkind attitude toward my body only made matters worse. I started to feel at odds with my body, rather than thanking her or acknowledging her for every single thing she has ever done for me, without even being asked.

You cannot move forward until you acknowledge and accept where you are.

The truth is, my body loves me unconditionally, and she always has. She was just waiting for me to acknowledge her. She has borne unfathomable pain and hardship for me. All because she loves me! And I never even once said thank you! Not once! It is here, in this ocean of heartbreak, of despair, of depression, where true healing occurs. It is the balm of self-compassion that makes true healing and true change possible. Yes, you can change the foods you eat and the beverages you drink, but it won’t make a difference if you feel at odds with your body. For me, it didn’t matter what I ate or how perfectly I adhered to any diet. Since I didn’t love, accept, or honor my body, the food wouldn’t do what it was intended to do. If you want to experience true change and true healing from the inside out, you must flip the script of the relationship you have with your body. Allow me to lend you a helping hand.

Did You Know?

The lungs breathe about 23,040 breaths per day!

For many of us, it helps us to become aware of just how much our bodies do for us on a day-to-day, moment-to-moment basis. Are you aware that at any given time, your body is accomplishing an astronomical amount of functions just to keep you alive? Are you breathing for your body? Or is your body breathing you? Stop for a moment and really consider this. Breathing is an autonomic activity, meaning it is done without our conscious awareness or instruction. What other “autonomic” activities are our bodies accomplishing for us? Well, a lot. For one, our heart constantly and loyally beats for us whether asleep or awake. In fact, the average human hearts beats 100,000 times for us every day. That’s more than 3 billion times during the average lifespan! Why does it do this for us? Because our bodies are loyally committed to us, and they love us. We are their number one concern.

Have you ever stopped to say thank you? Here’s more tidbits to hopefully make you more aware and appreciative of everything your body does for you: Informational impulses are passed along our nerves at nearly 250 mph! Taking just one, single step requires up to 200 different muscles. In a single day, our blood travels approximately 12,000 miles through the circulatory system. Our kidneys filter approximately 200 liters of blood per day. Our eyes blink about 12,000 times per day. The heart pumps about 6,000—7,500 liters of blood per day. It is estimated that in one single human cell, hundreds of million to several billion reactions happen each second. And there are an estimated 37.2 trillion cells in the human body. This equates to literally an astronomical number of reactions happening in our body every.single.second. Just to keep us alive. Now, I will ask you once more…have you ever stopped to say thank you?

I want you to know and understand that your sweet, loving body is fighting for you every day, in ways that you or I probably can't even imagine. Minute after minute, second after second, she (or he) is working hard for you behind the scenes, and for the vast majority of people, this beautifully orchestrated symphony goes almost entirely unnoticed, unacknowledged, and unappreciated. Don't let that be you. You have a golden opportunity to love your body exactly where she is at. Know that your body is working hard for you and she loves you. And your body is eagerly awaiting the moment when you will acknowledge her love her in return. It's hard to change habits and beliefs overnight, but here is an example of how you can start flipping the script and loving your body. The next time you feel like you wish your body looked or felt different, simply pause and tell yourself a different narrative. For example, the next time you feel tired, try thanking your body rather than condemning her. Say something like, "Wow. My poor little legs have worked really hard for me today. In fact, they've walked me all over this world, taking me literally everywhere I have ever asked them to go." And you know? We never once say, "Thank you. Thank you, legs. Thank you, body, for working so hard for me and taking me places. Thank you for literally supporting me literally every day of my entire life." It is little things like this that will truly make a huge difference. Try to be thankful for what your body does for you, rather than wishing how she was different. Once we start acknowledging and appreciating our bodies, everything changes. For a lot of people, weight loss is hard until they thank and accept and acknowledge their bodies exactly as they are right now. Because it is a beautiful opportunity that you don’t want to miss out on. Once you embrace and appreciate yourself right where you are, then you are free to move forward. Even if you feel like you are faking it at first, just keep with it. Set aside even just 5 minutes/day to simply sit and listen to her, even if it's just before bed. She will tell you beautiful and amazing things, things she’s always wanted to tell you. Be open to what she wants to say. Don’t judge. Just listen. Developing this kind of open relationship with your body where you no longer judge her or deny her, but instead, you honor her and acknowledge her changes everything. You can start out by simply telling her thank you.

Get Inspired!

The next time you find yourself tired or impatient or dissatisfied with your body, I highly encourage you to stop for a moment and reflect. This is your only body. She (or he) has been waiting for you to love her or to say thank you for your whole life. Why not start today? Set some time aside. Reflect on what she does for you. Really feel the love your body has for you. And then tell her thank you. And try to love her back. If you want more information on how to bring more self-love and body-love into your life, my programs have plenty of tips and strategies to do so. If you wish to go deeper and have more one-on-one guidance, then sign up for an advanced package, and we can dive deeper. I want to help you thrive, and above all, I want to help you love you. I truly believe it is the most worthy thing we can achieve in our lives. Here’s to you and your beautiful body! May you both feel loved.


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