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Susana M. G. , Colombia

When I moved to the United States and started eating a standard American diet, I started to feel very tired during the afternoon, and I always needed to have a cup of coffee around 4pm to make it through the day.  After discussing my diet with Laura, she was able to pinpoint what was causing my fatigue and how to replace it with food that strengthened my body, rather than depleting it.  She provided me with personalized dietary tips and recipes in a way that worked great for me and my schedule.  Her diet wasn’t boring or unpleasant, either, as most diets are, and I actually had more time in the evenings to do what I liked because of her time-saving and food prep tips.  Suddenly, I was able to power through each day with energy to spare!

As far as the experience working with Laura, you can tell that Laura is a very professional and well-educated person who loves not only everything about nutrition, but who also loves to help others. 


At the end of the day, that’s exactly what the results show: a person who won’t judge you and who won’t treat you like you’re just another client.  When you receive health coaching from Laura, you get not only a nutrition expert, but also a person who is filled with love, who wants the best for you.  Laura is someone who is constantly researching, expanding her knowledge, and stays abreast current research and nutrition topics.  She easily explained to me the biochemical metabolism of every food and how to eat to stay healthy.  She listens to how you feel, what you like, and she gives you the best recipes ever!  She makes amazing desserts and snacks that are both delicious and healthy.  If you had asked me a year ago that if I believed in delicious and healthy food at the same time, I would have said it doesn’t exist until I met Laura.